Available Transportation Options to Travel Around Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country (talking about territory), with many beautiful places to visit, full of adventure and nature to enjoy. The size of the country makes it possible travel from any place to another, you can visit the city, the beach or the mountain in a single day (from the Caribbean to the Pacific side of the country the distance is approximately 250 km, from the border of Nicaragua to the border of Panama are approximately 600 km).

There are different ways to reach any place in the country. TicoRide works to offer you all the available Costa Rica Transportation options:


Costa Rica Shared Shuttle

Costa Rica Shuttle has a shared transportation option (approximately 2 to 15 people traveling together) that provides hotel to hotel service (most important areas of the country). Travel vehicle is an air-conditioned van with previously defined schedule. The rate is per person and the transportation stops halfway for about 20 minutes to use the bathroom or/and buy some drinks or snacks.

Costa Rica Shared Shuttle Services


Private Costa Rica Shuttle Service

With Costa Rica Private Transportation, you can go anywhere in Costa Rica and you are the one who decides the pick-up time. Rate is based on the quantity of person of the service, for example up to 5, 8, 12 people and so on. Each additional person carries an extra fee. All the vans have air-conditioned; you are able to stop during the trip as many times as you want to (some companies limit the time to 1 hour and charge extra for each hour of waiting).

Costa Rica Private Shuttle Services


Luxury Private Service

Costa Rica Private Transportation also has the Luxury Private Service, this option is similar to the previous one, the difference being that they travel a maximum of 4 people and service will be in provided in a 4x4 air conditioned luxury car and bottle of water included for each passenger. It is a luxury service, so rate is difference than a normal private transport service. You are the one who decides the pick-up place and the departure time, also the destination where you want to go.

Costa Rica Luxury Private Services


Domestic Flights

Traveling by land has the advantage of enjoying beautiful landscapes, but with vehicular traffic valuable time is often lost, so taking a shared local flight instead a Costa Rica Shuttle is a very a really good option. Traveling from the Atlantic to the Caribbean in less than 2 hours is possible with a local flight. Domestic flights have schedules and routes previously established with very cheap rates.

Costa Rica Domestic Flights


Charter Flights

If you are looking for Costa Rica Transportation, this is another option, similar than the previous one but with the difference that it is a private service, therefore you are the one who decides the route (there are some airports where local flights do not land) and the time of departure. The rate depends on the number of people and the model of the chosen plane.

Costa Rica Charter Flights


Helicopter Ride

If you are an adventure person or simply like to travel with full comfort, the option of traveling by helicopter is a very good alternative. This is a Costa Rica Private Transportation Option. The service fee depends on the number of flight hours, people, model of choice and route.

Costa Rica Helicopter Ride


Rent a Car

For those who does not want to have a previously schedule setup, travel in a group or simply want to travel across country with their own itinerary, the option of renting a car is the best of all. If Costa Rica Shuttle Service doesn’t feed what you are looking for, this service will work for you. The rate varies depending on the model, the number of days of rent, the extras and the additional insurance purchased.

Costa Rica Rent a Car


Land Transportation – Ferry Boat – Jeep Boat Jeep

In Costa Rica, there are some routes that can be shortened using water transport. For example, traveling from Monteverde to Arenal or vice versa by land requires to surround Arenal Lake, journey usually takes longer and has a higher cost than using a taxi-boat-taxi service. The taxi-boat-taxi option also known as jeep-boat-jeep or van-boat-van as well, offers a majestic view of the Lake and Arenal Volcano (weather permitting) is much cheaper and faster. Costa Rica Shuttle has may options for you, you are the one who decides which one is the best for you.

Costa Rica Ferry Boat

The ferry service works to travel from Puntarenas to the Paquera area (fee usually included on the service rate). Is the best way to reach Tambor, Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, etc. (It does not matter if you are in a rental car or on a public bus).

Main access to Sierpe to Drake is by boat transportation. Other routes requiring water transportation to minimize the travel route are Jaco to Paquera, Golfito to Puerto Jimenez, etc.

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