Frequently asked questions

What is a shared shuttle service?

A shared transfer service is the most comfortable way to travel between major hotels in Costa Rica; it is a shared and reliable service with a defined schedule. Rate is per person and inexpensive. The number of passengers is low; most have air conditioning units; Smoking is not allowed.

Children need special seats for travel? The company provides?

According to traffic law of Costa Rica, all children under 10 years old must travel in a special chair. Usually are available at no cost. Must be requested at the booking time.

Can I cancel or modify my booking? What if my flight is canceled or delayed?

We are not a direct supplier, therefore we must abide by the cancellation policies of each shuttle company. Usually is not possible cancel or do changes 48 hours before the start time of the service, but we will do our best to help you. Send us an email explaining the main reason because you require the cancellation or modification of your reservation, as soon as we received the message, we will process the request and you will have an answer as soon as possible.

What if I am late and my ride is gone?

Every shuttle service can wait up to 10 minutes, no more than that. It’s a shared service, there are more people waiting at other hotels.  In case you miss the pick-up, try to contact us immediately, we will do our best to contact the driver, maybe he could wait for you at the next stop, if so, you have to look for a taxi to go there (payment at your expense). Waiting time will not exceed 10 minutes.

All drivers speak English?

Most drivers speak English, but we cannot promise you. It depends on the logistics of each provider. What we can assure is a high quality service. Every driver has a cellphone line, if something happen, he will contact us immediately, we will do our best to give prompt response to their concerns.

** Private services can have English speaker guide, under request. **

Shuttle service stops along the way?

Usually there are a stop for approximately 15 minutes at the middle of the trip, so you will be able to buy a drink or some snacks, also for use the toilet. Every stop depends on the distance of the journey.

** Private Service are able to stop every time you request it, please do not exceed more than 2 hours total **

Can I set the pick-up/drop off at private places?

No, every company has a specific list for pick up/drop off. Usually the points of departure or arrival area in hotels. Is necessary to verify whether the service is available from/to your hotel.

** A private service can choose the place of departure and arrival. **

Can I pay cash to the driver?

No, it is not possible. They are not allowed to handle cash for their own security.

Each reservation must be confirmed and paid at least 48 hours before day of service.

Do I have to print my confirmation email?

Not all companies request a confirmation when boarding, but if you are able to print it, please, go ahead. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can show it digitally.

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