Travel to Monteverde Riding a Taxi-Boat-Taxi

Monteverde is an small town at the northwest of Costa Rica. Its population is less than ten thousand people, was founded in 1950 by a group of pacifist Quakers who decided to travel to Costa Rica to avoid being enlisted in the US Army. They chose Costa Rica as a country without military forces and Monteverde due to the wheather, suitable for dairy.

The Biological Reserve of Monteverde is considered one of the seven wonders of Costa Rica by the Costa Rican newspaper "La Nacion", currently ranks #14 on the list of places that any human being should know before died, according to the prestigious magazine "Newsweek". It is home to hundreds of birds, mammals and a wide variety of flora.

Costa Rica Taxi Boat

The Arenal Volcano La Fortuna, also localized at the northwest of the country, lies within the Arenal Volcano National Park. It is one of the best known and most visited volcanoes in Costa Rica. In addition to the large number of flora and fauna, you can enjoy the hot springs and many other adventure activities or relaxation. Near the volcano there is an artificial lake created for the production of hydroelectricity.

The old way to connect Arenal area with Monteverde was driving around the lake for about 4-5 hours. Due to the growth of tourism in both areas came the option of shortening the path and travel time through a system called Costa Rica Taxi Boat or Costa Rica Taxi Boat Taxi. It consists of traveling from one of the villages in a land transport vehicle until the lake, then cross the lake (with a unique scenic beauty) on a catamaran and finish again in a land transport vehicle until the next village.

The route between the two places takes about 3 hours but more than a trip is a beautiful tour.

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