Onward Ticket when arriving to Costa Rica

They are not explicitly mentioned Costa Rica’s immigration law (Ley de Migración y Extranjería) # 8764 which it has been in force since March 2010, but they are described in the rules set forth by the General Directorate of Immigration: All foreign visitors arriving in Costa Rica must present proof of onward or outbound travel. This requirement is easily satisfied with a round-trip ticket, but it can also be a ticket out of Costa Rica by either plane, bus or vessel.

Before being allowed to board a flight or enter the country, tourists must have documented, verifiable, proof that they will be exiting the country before 90 days (when tourist visa will expire).

Proof can be in the form of a round trip ticket, a pre-purchased airline or bus ticket to another country or documentation verifying passage by sea. The ICT states that “All visitors must have an entry and exit ticket, whether it is by air or by land (bus), as the case may be, as a requirement to enter the country.”

Then, if you are planning to visit Costa Rica with only one-way ticket, stay longer than 90 days, or travel to Costa Rica and then to another country, you will need a ticket onward. We can help you with this process.

With our company, you can purchase an onward bus ticket to and from all Central American destinations (Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala), served by Tica Bus (a Costa Rican bus company). Also we can offer you a ticket from Puerto Viejo in Limón, Costa Rica to Bocas del Toro, Isla Colón in Panamá.

We will purchase, process and send you the ticket through email along with our cover letter confirming your reservation and itinerary. All you have to do is print it out, then you will have all the documented proof you need to board your flight and enter the country.

Onward Tickets Requeriments:

To apply for this service you need to send us a copy of your passport scanned through your email, also the date and the country you want to travel. Upon receiving the required information, we will send a form of payment through PayPal. The process usually takes a few hours, we will do our best to do it the quick way, but sometimes there are delays for reasons beyond our control (PayPal problems, power outages, systems failures, etc.). If for any reason we cannot send you the ticket to you on time to board your flight, we will refund your money in full.

For additional questions, please contact us.

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