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                                    RESERVATIONS TERMS & CANCELLATIONS POLICIES

                           is a company who offers options to book a shared or private transport services in Costa Rica by land, water or air. has no own vehicles, all our services are provided by private transportation companies. not alter the rates offered by the suppliers, these are exactly the same as you would find by contacting the company of your choice. If you see our rates and note that they are different, please let us know right away to take the respective actions. Rates in our webpage are one-way per person (except private services). The services offered are governed by the policies of each supply company. Our policies and also the policies of the company, who will provide the service, will be attached to the final confirmation. It is your responsibility to read the details once you they are received. Rates given are in US dollars (converted to Costa Rican colones according to the exchange rate of the day at the Central Bank of Costa Rica). No show or not making use of the contracted service, carries a penalty of 100%, no apply refund, with no exceptions. Shared services wait a maximum period of 10 minutes. Private Service will wait a maximum of 1 hour. The responsibility in case of injury or death of a passenger will be limited to scope of contracts with suppliers and insurance policies for each company that provides transportation services and under the laws of Costa Rica in effect on the date of the incident. Policies about children transportation or pet’s transportation belongs to each company who provide the service. Guide dogs are accepted with his master owner. According to traffic law of Costa Rica, all children under 10 years old must travel in a special chair, usually available at no cost and must be requested at the booking time. will not be responsible for lost items left in the vehicle; it is your responsibility to check your belongings before leaving the vehicle. Most of Shared Shuttle Services includes one stop rest of 15 minutes for passengers and the driver, the stop points are set up by each company. Private Service, usually have more time but that will depend on the selected company to provide the service and of your requirements. If you have an international flight before noon, recommends you to stay the last night in a city near the airport where your flight have being scheduled to departure, remember that you must be at the airport three hours before departure time your flight. Any service provider will not be responsible for delays caused by problems outside their control, such as: strikes, weather conditions, local wars, popular manifestations, natural disasters or terrorist acts; that may cause loss of connection to your next destination (flight, shuttles, ferry, boat, ship, tour, cruise, etc.). The baggage allowed per person is a suitcase, plus one piece of hand luggage; this should remain with the passenger during the entire trip. Any additional luggage will require pay an extra money amount, previously established by the service provider company. Rates do not include taxes of entrance or exit out of the country, nor charged the use at some airports or extra charges such as ferry ticket (if use it is necessary, for the requested route). Any legal dispute between the client and will be based on Costa Rican laws. Reservation policies: Reservations will be confirmed during office hours; you may made your booking through our website, email:, instant messaging or through a phone call. Our Office hours are: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm, the emergency phone will be used only to resolve urgent situations. Payments with credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard brand) will be made only by through our online payment platform. Any other brand will be through the PayPal platform, who accepts most existing card brands in worldwide. We don´t accept cash. Checks, MoneyGram, Western Union, etc. No reservation is valid without having received payment in full. No reservation is valid without final confirmation. Reservations will be accepted even the same day that the service is required, but, it will depend on the availability of the provider company selected by you. Cancellation policies: There will be any no refund for cancellations made with less than 48 hours before the service date, this because our services are previously prepaid to third parties. Cancellations made with more than 48 hours before service, will not be charged (unless the policies of the company that provides the service require so). Modifications made with more than 48 hours before the service, normally will not be charged, but, it depends on the policies of each company.

                                    CAR SEATS FOR INFANTS AND BOOSTER SEATS FOR CHILDREN

                                    According to Costa Rican law, vehicles which transport infants and children are required to use a different seats depending on the height, weight and age of the child. These seats usually have no cost, but it may vary depending on the supplier. If you require one, please request it by selecting children and infants appropriately during your booking process. Infants must travel in a baby car seat and children in a child car booster seat.

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